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Posted by Zinochrome International Nigeria Limited on Friday, 24 July 2015

Top-Notch Networking and ICT Service

Zinochrome brings Industry-shaping technology visions,
Excellent Service Delivery and Superb Client Relationship.

Whether you’re a small business looking for a technology company to handle your
network Installations or ICT/Telecommunication Need Efficently or an enterprise looking for
additional Labour and Experience to complement your existing IT department, we have
the expertise and capability to deliver world class technical services
and infrastructure installations…

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We design, deploy and maintain quality Closed circuit television (CCTV), Take pride in the Peace of mind that your life and property is under watch from Intruders and Unwanted Entrance with our CCTV Installation

We design, implement and maintain industry standard networks for home, small-business office (SOHO), medium sized network or an Enterprise network.. We build our networks employing some of the best names in the industryWe provide a reliable link between your various locations, matching cost for performance with our industry “air breaking” wireless technology.You can share resources: data, voice and video, among users over long distances with WAN/ BACKHAUL
Experience enterprise Private Branch eXchange (PBX) capable of handling Up to 1000 extensions (internal lines) and 10 external (direct) lines, with expandable cards for future projection with our innovative system with microprocessor programmable to offer any class of service or a combination of services.

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Zinochrome is one of the leading names in both domestic and industrial electrical installations. We design, build, and maintain electrical installations for homes, offices and multifarious structure. We also install generators ranging from 10kva to 2000kva and beyond.

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Fire Suppression

zinochrome puts in place both manual and automatic fire suppression system (FM200) and Fire extinguishers  to help project your valuables and for those hard to reach areas, like electrical meter rooms under stairways, underground parks, etc

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Wireless Intercom

You can dial and communicate between all extensions more efficiently using our wireless, ISM, wireless intercom system, which works in word open band or up to 1000 extensions, each with dialing facility for one, two or three digits numbers

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Live more freely with our secure intruder detection system, any attempt on your home, office or business place will be prompted on the spot, acting as both a deterrent and an alarm which when triggered alerts neighbours and appropriate security personnel to take necessary action

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